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Tucson Tech: World View touts success, growth

May 1, 2019 – Arizona Daily Star

Microvascular Therapeutics, a Tucson-based company co-founded by University of Arizona radiology professor Dr. Evan Unger, has licensed two patent applications from Stanford University to develop a new test for pancreatic cancer.

The company will marry an antibody for pancreatic cancer developed at Stanford with a new ultrasound imaging contrast agent, MVT-100, which is currently in clinical testing and is being supported by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, to develop a molecular biomarker to diagnose early-stage pancreatic cancer.

Unger has launched several startups, including NuvOx Pharma, based on his foundational technology for therapy using patented gas “microbubbles,” originally developed as an ultrasound contrast agent.

Unger’s son, Dr. Wyatt Unger, leads Microvascular Therapeutics as chief medical officer, while his father is managing director.

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