Why Support ICUS?

ICUS is at the forefront CEUS education, communication and policy initiatives that raise awareness of the appropriate use of CEUS to improve patient care worldwide. The organization’s track record of achievements may be traced to several distinguishing features of the organization

ICUS is unique.

ICUS is the only global, grassroots organization exclusively focused on raising awareness of the appropriate use of CEUS to improve patient care worldwide.

ICUS “gets it.”

ICUS leadership includes the world’s foremost experts in the CEUS field, with decades of experience and leadership in CEUS research and practice. They live and breathe CEUS, and they have a deep understanding of CEUS’ full potential for improving patient outcomes and health care delivery — at a time of heightened global concern regarding health care costs and the cumulative impact of ionizing radiation associated with other forms of diagnostic imaging.

ICUS gets it done.

As the voice of the CEUS field, ICUS has a strong track record of nimble and proactive leadership. When FDA staff sought ICUS input on pediatric CEUS and the contra-indication for known or suspected cardiac shunts, ICUS marshalled its extensive expertise and produced two comprehensive “white papers.” When CEUS was approved for non-cardiac indications, ICUS responded to an urgent need for expanded education by creating successful “Basic Training” programs at venues across the country. ICUS also remains at the forefront of strategic communications and advocacy aimed at the medical and policy communities.

ICUS is cost-effective.

Every dollar contributed to ICUS is directly applied education, communications and advocacy for CEUS. The organization incurs none of the typical organizational expenses for rent, maintenance, secretaries, and the like. To accomplish its focused mission, ICUS relies upon a team of passionate expert volunteer board members and their dedicated professional advisors.

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