Our Education, Communication and Advocacy

ICUS is at the forefront of CEUS education, communication and advocacy. Key ICUS initiatives have included

FREE CME Education — Live and online

More than 1,500 ultrasound professionals are now ICUS trained … and all CME programs are now free, whether live or online! These acclaimed educational experiences offer actionable insights and inspire CEUS champions. Exhibits feature multiple agents and machines for participants to examine. For more information or to register, CLICK HERE

ICUS commitment to sonographer training

ICUS is leading a multi-organization effort to expand CEUS education in sonographer schools. Our joint task force is developing dynamic and scalable CEUS curriculum modules that will be distributed free of charge to all sonographer schools. ICUS also collaborates with the IAC to present free CEUS webinars for sonographers. They are available on the ICUS website.

Sonographer advocacy

ICUS prepared a comprehensive report on state-level scope of practice regulation. The report is available to all ICUS sponsors free of charge. ICUS also promulgated a policy statement strongly supporting the role of qualified diagnostic medical sonographers in CEUS procedures.


ICUS leverages its unique global, multi-specialty CEUS expertise to create a comprehensive, dynamic CEUS resource for physicians and scientists, sonographers, administrators, patients and the public. There is no charge for accessing webinars and other references on the ICUS website.


The global ultrasound community is at the front lines of the battle against the novel coronavirus. The ICUS COVID-19 HUB offers a range of resources and protocols to address the urgent need for up-to-date information.

Reimbursement chart and advocacy

ICUS recognizes the importance of educating practitioners and policymakers about appropriate payment for CEUS procedures. ICUS therefore offers a free CEUS coding and payment chart on its website. ICUS has also successfully advocated for appropriate reimbursement models.

ICUS Weekly News Monitor

The latest CEUS developments and trends are emailed weekly to 4,000 ICUS members worldwide, with versions in English and Mandarin.

ICUS Bubble Blogs

Showcases real-life CEUS experiences and how they impact patient care globally. Bubble Blogs are featured on the ICUS website.

Removal of shunt contra-indications

ICUS successfully pressed the FDA to remove all contra-indications for known or suspected cardiac shunts, based on the ICUS white paper.

Approval of pediatric CEUS without pediatric trials

ICUS also successfully urged the FDA to approve pediatric indications without pediatric clinical trials, based on a white paper submitted by ICUS with collaboration from SPR.

ICUS White Papers For FDA Staff

Removal of black box

The ICUS Citizen Petition now asks the FDA to remove the “black box”; an earlier ICUS citizen petition was followed by the narrowing of warnings.

FDA staff briefings

ICUS periodically briefs FDA staff on new CEUS trends and developments.

Accreditation & guidelines

ICUS successfully advocated for the first inclusion of CEUS in adult echo lab accreditation standards, and has collaborated with other professional societies on CEUS guidelines.

Press releases

 ICUS spreads awareness of important CEUS developments through press releases that reach mainstream media outlets, trade publications and websites globally.

Suboptimal echo guide

This handy ICUS pamphlet is available on the ICUS website.

Industry engagement

ICUS annual roundtables provide a forum for sharing challenges and identifying opportunities to advance CEUS where indicated.

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