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May 15, 2020 — Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine


Contrast-enhanced ultrasound has emerged as a useful imaging modality for the evaluation of the transplant kidney. Advantages over traditional imaging modali¬ties such as computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging include the ability to visualize a lesion’s enhancement pattern in real time, the lack of neph-rotoxicity, and relatively low cost. Potential uses of contrast-enhanced ultrasound include characterization of solid and cystic transplant renal masses, assessment for pyelonephritis and identification of its complications, and evaluation of trans¬plant complications in immediate and delayed settings. Contrast-enhanced ultra¬sound will likely play an increasing role for evaluating the transplant kidney, as an accurate diagnosis based on imaging can direct treatment and prevent unnecessary interventions.

Authors: Brittany J. Kazmierski, MD , Kedar G. Sharbidre, MD, Michelle L. Robbin, MD, Edward G. Grant, MD


Full article at: J Ultrasound Med 2020; 00:1–12 | 0278-4297 |


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