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Feb 4, 2019 – Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine


Since its introduction, contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) has gained an important role in the diagnosis and management of abdominal and pelvic diseases. Contrast enhanced ultrasound can improve lesion detection rates as well as success rates of interventional procedures when compared to conventional ultrasound alone. Additionally, CEUS enables the interventionalist to assess the dynamic enhancement of different tissues and lesions, without the adverse effects of contrast‐enhanced computed tomography, such as exposure to ionizing radiation and nephrotoxicity from iodinated contrast material. This review article describes the various applications and advantages of the use of CEUS to enhance performance of ultrasound guided interventions in the abdomen and pelvis.

Authors: Rivka Kessner MD; Dean A. Nakamoto MD; Victor Kondray MD; Sasan Partovi MD; Yasmine Ahmed MD; Nami Azar MD

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