curated by Dr. Stephanie Wilson
September 6, 2021

NAFLD With no cirrhosis

48 y/o female

An unclear liver lesion is found and CEUS is recommended. What do you see?


Surveillance revealed a liver mass that had increased in size from 1.4cm in 2018, to 4.5 cm in 2020.

She had no History of Birth Control use, and was sent to CEUS for further characterization of her liver mass.

What is your diagnosis?

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Focal Nodular Hyperplasia (FNH)   Benign Lesions are characterized by their distinct fill patterns in the Arterial Phase.   Most benign lesions are found on surveillance ultrasound. CEUS can be done immediately, and it has exquisite spatial resolution making it outstanding for the visualization of the smallest of vessels especially with the early fill patterns of benign lesions. Although there may have been a suggestion of weak washout the fill pattern is unequivocal.  The patient went on to more conservative management

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