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ICUS Virtual Exhibits - International Contrast Ultrasound Society

ICUS Virtual Exhibits:

Ultrasound contrast/enhancing agents

Ultrasound equipment and CEUS software

Sponsor exhibits play an important role alongside all live ICUS educational programs.  They offer participants an important opportunity to see how different ultrasound products look, feel, and are prepared and used to produce excellent CEUS images and improve patient care.

As ICUS expands its free online educational programs, new Virtual Exhibits simulate the traditional exhibit experience offered alongside live educational programs — and are accessible globally 24/7 by physicians, nurses, sonographers, students and other ultrasound professionals. 

ICUS Virtual Exhibits provide important information about operational platforms, unique features or designs, labeling, storage and administration of agents, and most importantly how to optimize and use these products to achieve excellent CEUS imaging.  

Virtual Exhibits are enduring additions to the ICUS website and will remain online and accessible even after our live educational programs and exhibits resume. 

For further information please contact Robin J. Adams, ICUS Director of Education and Communication: