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“Advances in Contrast Ultrasound” (the "Bubble Conference") is the oldest international scientific meeting focused exclusively on contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) imaging and therapy.

More information about the Bubble Conference is available here:  www.bubbleconference.com


The annual "bubble conference" plays a unique and critical role in the development of both diagnostic and therapeutic CEUS applications. The conference is the single-most important forum for presenting the latest and best CEUS research across geographical borders and medical specialties.

Faculty members include the world's foremost clinicians, physiologists, engineers, and other scientists working in the fields of cardiology, radiology, vascular medicine, and gastro-intestinal, gynecological and other body imaging sub-specialties. Participants include physicians, scientists, nurses, sonographers, technicians and related paramedical professionals. Presentations on diagnostic CEUS feature the most current work on clinical safety and expanding applications throughout the body, regulatory developments, and best practices. In addition, with the advent of CEUS drug delivery research, the conference program now also features promising investigational work on the physiology and potential clinical applicability of therapeutic CEUS.

All topics are presented in an interactive format that promotes lively discussions, with faculty members testing new ideas and participants challenging them in an open, colleagial atmosphere. As a result, bubble conferences have consistently led to numerous new collaborations and innovations that have helped energize the CEUS field and move it forward, with the ultimate goal of improving patient care and saving lives.

Impact on public health

The conference directly promotes public health by providing an inter-disciplinary and international forum focused on development of diagnostic and therapeutic CEUS applications. Diagnostic CEUS imaging is non-invasive, is performed without radiation or dye, improves imaging accuracy, reduces patient risk, and potentially reduces downstream testing and costs. Therapeutic CEUS, which is in investigational stages, shows promise for delivering genes and drugs to targeted organ systems and tumors.

Livestreaming Archive

With effect 2015, the conference has livestreaming of its proceedings and presentations.  All recorded materials may be accessed through the Conference archive;

2016 Archive

2015 Archive

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