Non-Invasive Breast and Ovarian Cancer Screening Study Released

Lesions Visualized More Clearly in Radiation Free Procedure

September 12, 2015

Breast and ovarian cancer can be well visualized with a radiation-free, non-invasive imaging tool according to a clinical trial announced today. The finding, released by a Stanford University Medical School physician at the International Contrast Ultrasound Society (ICUS) 30th Annual Conference in Chicago, found that molecular ultrasound microscopic bubbles bind to a receptor found in breast and ovarian lesions.

"This first in women clinical trial holds great promise in patients with breast and ovarian lesions," said Dr. Juergen Willmann, Chief of Body Imaging and Professor of Radiology at the Stanford Medical School.

The clinical trial, performed in collaboration with collaborators at the UCSC in Rome and Bracco, focused on KDR (kinase insert domain receptor), a protein associated with certain diseases including cancer. 21 women with focal breast lesions and 24 women with ovarian lesions were injected with tiny gas microbubbles during an ultrasound exam. The study found that ultrasound allows visualization of KDR noninvasively with high sensitivity.

Dr. Willmann noted, "KDR expression on histology matched well with the presence of focal KDR-targeted ultrasound signal." Willmann added that this new molecular imaging technology, after further development and validation, could help diagnose cancer much better than regular current ultrasound technology in the future.


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